“The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon” by Stephen King Review

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Author:  Stephen King Published: 1999 Prior to starting The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, I knew three people who had tried to read this book and gave up before finishing it. My wife, my best buddy and I had all picked it up at different times and quit after losing... Continue Reading →

“Bag of Bones” by Stephen King Review

Bag of Bones Author:  Stephen King Published:  1998 There are three stories that run through Stephen King's Bag of Bones. The book begins with the story of a writer whose wife dies of sudden aneurysm. The wife was at a store, buying a pregnancy test, and it seems to the writer that she may have had... Continue Reading →

“Desperation” by Stephen King Review

Desperation Author:  Stephen King Published:  1996 Perhaps it's because I came into this with such low expectations, but this was better than I thought it would be. I didn't care for the companion novel The Regulators at all, and my only two friends who read this book on Goodreads, both gave it one star. Despite all that,... Continue Reading →

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