“Secret Histories” by F. Paul Wilson Review

Secret Histories Author:  F. Paul Wilson Released:  2008 The young adult trilogy of Repairman Jack books kicks off with Secret Histories, also by F. Paul Wilson. Jack, last name withheld, is a teenage boy who rides around the town of Johnson, New Jersey (named as such because President Andrew Johnson stayed the night there once)... Continue Reading →


“Reborn” by F. Paul Wilson Review

Reborn Author:  F. Paul Wilson Published:  1990 The Adversary Cycle:  Book Four by Publication, Book Two Chronologically For those into how books fit into larger overall universes,Reborn is the fourth book in F. Paul Wilson's the adversary cycle, but the second book chronologically, which means it takes place after The Keep but before the entire... Continue Reading →

“The Keep” by F. Paul Wilson Review

  The Keep Author:  F. Paul Wilson Published:  1981 I’ve reached a point in my read through of the Repairman Jack books that the next one I read is the conclusion to the entire series.  I also see that it is the conclusion to something called the Adversary Cycle.  Since it ties into the Repairman... Continue Reading →

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