“The Infinity Entity” by Jim Starlin, Alan Davis and Ron Lim Review

The Infinity Entity Writer:  Jim Starlin Artists:  Alan Davis and Ron Lim Released:  2016 Collects:  The Infinity Entity #1-4 and Thanos Annual #1 This story takes place in between The Infinity Relativity and The Infinity Finale. I already read both of those and didn't feel like anything was missing, so this felt pretty non-essential. The four issue story... Continue Reading →

“The Infinity War” by Jim Starlin and Ron Lim Review

The Infinity War Created by: Jim Starlin and Ron Lim Release date: 1992 Following on the events of the Infinity Gauntlet and Warlock and the Infinity Watch, Jim Starlin continues the saga of Adam Warlock, Thanos and the Infinity Gems in the Infinity War. Included in this collection is the Infinity War limited series, Warlock... Continue Reading →

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