“The Zombie Zone” by Ron Roy Review

The Zombie Zone A-Z Mysteries #26 Author:  Ron Roy Illustrator:  John Steven Gurner Published:  2005 "Cliff (age 5) review - It was really scary, and all of that scary stuff made it really good, so I give it five stars." "Dean (age 3) review - I give it 10 hundred stars." Dean, what was your... Continue Reading →

“Space Brat 2: Blork’s Evil Twin” by Bruce Coville Review

Space Brat 2:  Blork's Evil Twin Author:  Bruce Coville Illustrator:  Katharine Coville Published:  1993 Another victory for the books from my youth! Both boys really enjoyed this one. Here, Blork (the reformed, former temper tantrum extraordinaire) takes a field trip to the science museum and accidentally makes a negative copy of himself. What's a negative... Continue Reading →

“The Yellow Yacht” by Ron Roy Review

The Yellow Yacht Author:  Ron Roy Illustrator:  John Steven Gurney Published:  2005 This was the third book we've read in this series after The Missing Mummy and The Absent Author. While my boys really enjoyed the first two, this one was either to old for them (5 and 3) or not as interesting. There were a lot of terms... Continue Reading →

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