“Gentlemen Boss: The Life of Chester Alan Arthur” by Thomas C. Reeves Review

Gentlemen Boss: The Life and Times of Chester Alan Arthur Author:  Thomas C. Reeves Published:  1975 That in politics he is given to schemes that are the next thing to trickery, that he believes it right and honorable to use all means necessary against political opponents, that he has no conception of raising politics above... Continue Reading →


“Dolores Clairborne” by Stephen King Review

Dolores Claiborne Author:  Stephen King Released:  1992 Dolores Claiborne is about a woman who cleans and cleans the house of a rich and particular lonesome widow. The book is told entirely by Dolores, as a narrative of the events that have led to her being interrogated by police. The story encompasses a few decades, from Dolores's... Continue Reading →

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