“Rite of Passage” by Alexei Panshin Review

Rite of Passage Author: Alexei Panshin Release Date:  1968 It’s hard not to read “Rite of Passage” today and compare it to the glut of modern Young Adult books with very similar premises. It’s the future, and because society has had a collapse there is now an event that every teenager must subject themselves to,... Continue Reading →

“The Einstein Intersection” by Samuel R. Delany Review

The Einstein Intersection Author: Samuel R. Delany Release Date: 1967 ** spoiler alert ** Well, I'll admit it. I didn't understand or care about what was happening for the first 125 pages of this book. The book was only 155 pages long, so that's a bit of a deal breaker in terms of getting a... Continue Reading →

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