“Blood Memory” by Greg Iles Review

Blood Memory Author:  Greg Iles Released:  2005 Blood Memory tells the story of a Forensic Dentist named Cat Ferry. What does that mean? Cat is called into murder scenes to analyze bite marks and other dental related evidence. It sounds like a very specialized field, and it must be because every other character in the book... Continue Reading →

“The Late Show” by Michael Connelly Review

The Late Show Author:  Michael Connelly Released:  2017 I was loaned this book by a coworker who knows I'm a big reader. I've previously read one book by Michael Connelly and remember it was OK, but don't remember anything else about it except that I read it before I used Goodreads to track my reading.... Continue Reading →

“Night Film” by Marisha Pessl Review

Night Film Author: Marisha Pessl Release Date: July 2013 ** spoiler alert ** I began using Goodreads several years ago just as a place to track the books I read and give them a star rating. Like many others, I began expanding my use on here, first cataloging books onto various shelves, then tracking what... Continue Reading →

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