“Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang” by Kate Wilhelm Review

Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang Author:  Kate Wilhelm Published:  1976 Along with To Your Scattered Bodies Go I give Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang the award for title I'm least likely to remember/most likely to screw up when I'm telling somebody what I'm reading. Seriously, I've finished the book, am unaware of why the book is... Continue Reading →

“Runaways, Vol. 2: Best Friends Forever” by Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka Review

Runaways, Vol. 2: Best Friends Forever Writer:  Rainbow Rowell Artist:  Kris Anka Inker:  Kris Anka and Craig Yeung Colors:  Matthew Wilson & Triona Farrell Letters:  Joe Caramagna Runaways, Vol. 2: Best Friends Forever continues several of the plot threads from volume one, but the overarching story continues to be these young people settling in as a... Continue Reading →

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