“The Lone Ranger: Vindicated” from Dynamite Comics Review

The Lone Ranger: Vindicated from Dynamite Comics Writer:  Justin Gray Artist:  Rey Villegas Published:  2015 Vindicated is listed as a standalone Lone Ranger adventure, or at least it lacks the number on the side of the trade paperback to indicate where it should fall in the reading order.  I’ve read about all of the Dynamite... Continue Reading →


“The Lone Ranger, Vol. 8: The Long Road Home” by Ande Parks Review

The Lone Ranger, Vol. 8: The Long Road Home Author: Ande Parks Release Date: 2014 I didn't know this was the conclusion to the series until the last few pages. Up until that point it had just been another solid collection of stories in this series. In particular issue 20 had the mix of history... Continue Reading →

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