“The Shelters of Stone” by Jean M. Auel Review

The Shelters of Stone Earth's Children Book Five Author:  Jean M. Auel Released:  2002 Book five of the Earth's Children series has Ayla and Jondalar finally reaching their destination of Jondalar's people the Zelandonii. Five books into this series, there's gotten to be a routine whenever Ayla meets new people. At first their skeptical of... Continue Reading →

“The Plains of Passage” by Jean M. Auel Review

The Plains of Passage Earth's Children series: Book Four Author:  Jean M. Auel Released: 1990 Book Four of the Earth's Children series tells the story of Jondalar and Ayla's trip back to Jondalar's homeland. The voyage originally took Jondalar and his brother a few years to make, and cost Jondalar's brother his life. Ayla and... Continue Reading →

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