“Quasar” #31-45 by Mark Gruenwald from Marvel Comics Review

This is a review for Quasar issues number #31-45. This series has not been collected in trade beyond the first few issues. Writer: Mark Gruenwald Artists - Greg Capullo, Rurik Tyler, Steve Lightle, Andy Smith and Grant Miehm The 1990's get a lot of blame for the death of the comic industry. The speculator bubble... Continue Reading →

“Quasar” #15-30 by Mark Gruenwald from Marvel Comics Review

Quasar #15-30 Writer: ┬áMark Gruenwald Artist: ┬áMike Manley, Greg Capullo, Joel Zuleta, Pat Broderick Released : 1990 to 1992 Note: This Review is for Quasar Issues #15-30, read as individual issues. I'm continuing to go back and read (or reread) some classic series that I've got in issue format. This series always looked interesting to... Continue Reading →

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