“Heechee Rendezvous” by Frederik Pohl Review

Heechee Rendezvous Author:  Frederik Pohl Released:  1984 Three books into the Gateway series, and I've found each of these books to be interesting at times with some compelling moments, but also falling short of being great books. This book follows a few storylines, the main one being Robin Broadhead's continued exploits with his wife. Robin... Continue Reading →


“Beyond the Blue Event Horizon” by Frederik Pohl review

Beyond the Blue Event Horizon Author:  Frederik Pohl Released:  1980 This is the sequel to Gateway a book that I thought had some really interesting ideas about some uninteresting and unlikable characters. That book ended **spoiler alert** with Robinette Broadhead being the lone survivor of a mission of ten people with the other nine being sucked into... Continue Reading →

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