“Secret Vengeance” by F. Paul Wilson Review

Secret Vengeance Author:  F. Paul Wilson Released:  2010 he final book of the young adult Repairman Jack trilogy featured a few of the same problems as the first two books, but in a much more explainable fashion that didn’t contradict what we know of Jack in the adult series.  The result was the best book... Continue Reading →


“Secret Circles” by F. Paul Wilson Review

Secret Circles Author:  F. Paul Wilson Released: 2010 Secret Circles is the 2nd book in the Repairman Jack Young Adult series. I’m going back and reading these after completing the main adult series so some of the mystery of what’s going on is gone but I can spot all the Easter eggs hidden for the... Continue Reading →

“Nightworld” by F. Paul Wilson Review

Nightworld Author:  F. Paul Wilson Published:  1992, Revised in 2012 **Note - This is a review for the 2012 revised version of Nightworld, not the original** If you're a Repairman Jack fan and have just finished The Dark at the End, before picking up Nightworld I would recommend reading the other books of the Adversary Cycle first. It's... Continue Reading →

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