“The Annals of the Heechee” by Frederik Pohl Review

The Annals of the Heechee Author:  Frederik Pohl Published:  1987 I ended up getting through this one pretty quickly, and I think the book benefited by reading it in fewer sittings. The final book of the Heechee series takes place a few decades after the previous one and the major difference is that the main... Continue Reading →

“To a God Unknown” by John Steinbeck Review

To a God Unknown Author:  John Steinbeck Published:  1933 Steinbeck’s To a God Unknown has some of the lowest review scores of any Steinbeck book. I’d agree it’s not one of his best books (and by that I mean not one of the best books ever written) but it’s still not a bad book overall. At under... Continue Reading →

“The Faith Trials” by James Laurence Review

The Faith Trials Author:  James Laurence Published:  2001 This was the second best of the character focused novelizations so far, just railing behind The Angel Chronicles: Vol 3. For people who have watched the show these particular novelizations don't add a ton of value in reading them. However, much like the aforementioned Angel Vol. 3, The Faith... Continue Reading →

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