“Ringworld” by Larry Niven Review

Ringworld Author:  Larry Niven Released:  1970 Ringworld by Larry Niven is probably one of the most famous science fiction books that I had not previously read. It’s the type of book that while I’ve been reading it in public places over the last week or so that friends and coworkers have stopped and mentioned that they’ve... Continue Reading →

“Quasar #1-14” by Mark Gruenwald from Marvel Comics

Quasar #1 to #14 Writer:  Mark Gruenwald Artist:  Paul Ryan and Mike Manley Published:  1989 to 1990 Rather than reading Quasar Classic (pictured above), I've actually read the 9 issues of the main series collected in here as well as the next 5 issues of the regular series (so Quasar #1-14). There's a Quasar #25... Continue Reading →

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