“The Faith Trials” by James Laurence Review

The Faith Trials Author:  James Laurence Published:  2001 This was the second best of the character focused novelizations so far, just railing behind The Angel Chronicles: Vol 3. For people who have watched the show these particular novelizations don't add a ton of value in reading them. However, much like the aforementioned Angel Vol. 3, The Faith... Continue Reading →

“The Willow Files: Book 2” by Yvonne Navarro Review

The Willow Files: Book 2 Author:  Yvonne Navarro Released:  2001 The third season of Buffy is one of the best of the show. A big part of that was the introduction of Faith as another slayer and the charismatic Mayor as the big bad of the season. Despite being one of the best seasons of... Continue Reading →

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