“Lincoln” by David Herbert Donald Review

Lincoln Author:  David Herbert Donald Published:  1996 To all outward appearances, he was less prepared to be president of the United States than any other man who had run for that high office.  Without family, tradition or wealth, he had received only the briefest of formal schooling.  Now fifty years old, he had no administrative... Continue Reading →


“Bad Seed: The Biography of Nick Cave” by Ian Johnston review

Bad Seed: The Biography of Nick Cave Author:  Ian Johnston Released:  1995 Prior to reading Bad Seed: The Biography of Nick Cave, I was a bit of a Nick Cave fan. I own all of albums, 16 studio albums by the Bad Seeds, two by Grinderman, a few soundtracks by Cave and Warren Ellis, and a... Continue Reading →

“President James Buchanan” by Philip S. Klein

President James Buchanan Author: Philip S. Klein Published:  1962 Much like Martin Van Buren or Millard Fillmore, Buchanan was a politician through and through, although his ambitions are more clearly defined due to the strategies he used being a conscious reflection of those winning recipes by his predecessors. Ben Perley Poore stated of Buchanan that... Continue Reading →

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