“Dolores Clairborne” by Stephen King Review

Dolores Claiborne Author:  Stephen King Released:  1992 Dolores Claiborne is about a woman who cleans and cleans the house of a rich and particular lonesome widow. The book is told entirely by Dolores, as a narrative of the events that have led to her being interrogated by police. The story encompasses a few decades, from Dolores's... Continue Reading →


“The Waste Lands: The Dark Tower Book 3” by Stephen King Review

The Waste Lands: The Dark Tower Book 3 Author:  Stephen King Released:  1991 I'm struggling to get into the Dark Tower series. While I think this book was much better than the first book in the series, I'm giving it the same score. While more happened in this book than in the first one, it... Continue Reading →

“The Outsider” by Stephen King Review

The Outsider Author:  Stephen King Released:  2018 Take the plot from The Dark Half, replace the villain with the something out of Salem’s Lot, told partially in the style of Carrie and what are you left with? A book full of recycled ideas from Stephen King. If I hadn’t previously read The Dark Half in particular, I would have enjoyed this... Continue Reading →

“The Dark Half” by Stephen King Review

The Dark Half Author:  Stephen King Published:  1989 There’s a term in sports called value over replacement player. Essentially it boils down to comparing how a player’s production compares to the average performance a team can expect when trying to replace a player at minimal cost, or by using “freely available talent.” (Thank you Wikipedia... Continue Reading →

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