“Desperation” by Stephen King Review

Desperation Author:  Stephen King Published:  1996 Perhaps it's because I came into this with such low expectations, but this was better than I thought it would be. I didn't care for the companion novel The Regulators at all, and my only two friends who read this book on Goodreads, both gave it one star. Despite all that,... Continue Reading →


“The Dark Tower Book IV: Wizard and Glass” by Stephen King Review

The Dark Tower Book IV:  Wizard and Glass Author:  Stephen King Released:  1997 Now that I’m four books in to Stephen King’s The Dark Towerseries, I can reflect my enjoyment of this series as a bell curve. I read the first book, didn’t really care for it, but realized it was laying the ground work for... Continue Reading →

“The Green Mile” by Stephen King Review

The Green Mile Author:  Stephen King Released:  1996 Though I think it's a step behind The Stand and Pet Sematary, I'm giving this one five stars as probably the next best book I've read of his (I'm going through them more or less chronologically by publication date). For those living in a a fallout shelter a la Christopher... Continue Reading →

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