“Kafka On the Shore” by Haruki Murakami Review

Kafka On the Shore Author:  Haruki Murakami Released:  2002 This is a book that I doubt everybody would love. It is really weird, and lurid, and the ending is not entirely satisfying. Much like my favorite David Lynch movies however, I enjoyed the entire story, even with all of the crazy twists and turns Murakami... Continue Reading →

“Light Years” by James Salter Review

Light Years Author:  James Salter Released:  1975 I picked this one up because it's also recommended in the Start Here books, and because out of the 50 books I read The Hunters was my favorite. The writing in The Hunters was excellent, with beautiful prose and an interesting plot and an ending that really gutted me. Comparatively, Light Yearsfeatured unlikable... Continue Reading →

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