“The Long Valley” by John Steinbeck Review

The Long Valley Author:  John Steinbeck Published:  1938 The second set of Steinbeck short stories (following The Pastures of Heaven) felt more like a short story collection but was not as good overall. There's a lot of variety in these stories. While the bulk involve tales from Monterey, CA, Steinbeck even visits France from hundreds of... Continue Reading →

“Cut and Run” by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker Review

Cut and Run Authors:  Ben Acker, Ben Blacker Cast: Sam Richardson, D'arcy Carden, Rachel Bloom, Thomas Lennon, Meg Ryan and others Released as an Audible Original Recording in 2020 The most recent audible original I’ve listened to was Cut and Run, a romantic comedy set in the world of organ thievery. Featuring the voices of Meg... Continue Reading →

“Carmilla” by J. Sheridan Le Fanu Review

Carmilla Author:  J. Sheridan Le Fanu Published:  1872 This is a review for the audible record of Carmilla featuring the voices of Rose Leslie, David Tennant, Phoebe Fox and others. I downloaded this as one of Audible’s monthly free releases for members. The description indicated it was the major influence for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and comparing the dates... Continue Reading →

“It Burns” by Marc Fennell Review

It Burns: The Scandal-Plagued Race to Breed the World's Hottest Chilli (sic) Author:  Marc Fennell Released:  2019 I'd recommend It Burns: The Scandal-Plagued Race to Breed the World's Hottest Chilli (sic) for fans of podcasts, particularly anything educational. The author Marc Fennell serves as a host type figure, dropping in and out as the listeners are introduced... Continue Reading →

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