“Sharpe’s Devil” by Bernard Cornwell Review

Sharpe's Devil Author:  Bernard Cornwell Released:  1990 After 21 books and three short stories, I have finished the Richard Sharpe series. The conclusion to this lengthy run of books brings back Sharpe and Harper five years after the previous story and six or seven years after Waterloo. The two men have settled into retirement life,... Continue Reading →

“Sharpe’s Ransom” by Bernard Cornwell Review

Sharpe's Ransom Author:  Bernard Cornwell Released:  1995 Sharpe's Ransom is the third and final short story (that I'm aware of) in the Richard Sharpe chronicles. This one takes place inbetween Waterloo and the final book Sharpe's Devil. It finds Richard and Lucille living in France where the two are struggling to run a farm and a property. Richard is... Continue Reading →

“Waterloo” by Bernard Cornwell Review

Waterloo Author:  Bernard Cornwell Released:  1990 Waterloo is special in a few respects in the Sharpe series. Most noticeably, it's the only book in the series without the word "Sharpe" in the title. **Spoiler alert for world history** It's also the culmination of the Napoleonic War between England and France which also engulfed Portugal, Spain,... Continue Reading →

“Sharpe’s Revenge” by Bernard Cornwell Review

Sharpe's Revenge Author:  Bernard Cornwell Released:  1989 Sharpe's Revenge was an average (for Sharpe, meaning pleasant and enjoyable) story for most of its length but took a surprisingly sad turn at the end that felt very true to the series and rescued it from becoming one of the more forgettable Sharpe adventures. The biggest hindrance to... Continue Reading →

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