“Cold City” by F. Paul Wilson Review

Cold City Author:  F. Paul Wilson Released:  2012 F. Paul Wilson continues to milk the Repairman Jack cash cow in Cold City! Definitely not a blurb you'll read on this book, but it's honest. When this book was published, Repairman Jack had already been featured in 16 novels, telling a complete story from his rise... Continue Reading →


“Secret Vengeance” by F. Paul Wilson Review

Secret Vengeance Author:  F. Paul Wilson Released:  2010 he final book of the young adult Repairman Jack trilogy featured a few of the same problems as the first two books, but in a much more explainable fashion that didn’t contradict what we know of Jack in the adult series.  The result was the best book... Continue Reading →

“Nightworld” by F. Paul Wilson Review

Nightworld Author:  F. Paul Wilson Published:  1992, Revised in 2012 **Note - This is a review for the 2012 revised version of Nightworld, not the original** If you're a Repairman Jack fan and have just finished The Dark at the End, before picking up Nightworld I would recommend reading the other books of the Adversary Cycle first. It's... Continue Reading →

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