“Turning Angel” by Greg Iles Review

Turning Angel Author:  Greg Iles Penn Cage #2 Released:  2005 The second book in the Penn Cage series drops the page count but ups the ridiculousness. A few years after the events of The Quiet Game, Penn is on the school board of his daughter's private school when he hears the news of the death of... Continue Reading →


“The Quiet Game” by Greg Iles Review

The Quiet Game Author:  Greg Iles Released:  1999 My copy of The Quiet Game has the words “introducing Penn Cage” prominently displayed on the front cover. I’m not sure if the first printing of this book had those same words on there, but this certainly felt like an author’s introduction to a character and a setting he... Continue Reading →

“The Drowned World” by J.G. Ballard Review

The Drowned World Author:  J.G. Ballard Released:  1962 As a concept, The Crowned World is a near five star idea. Set in a not too distant future, scientists and military are occupying a former metropolis that's become completely submerged underwater. Besides the water world vibes, the rising temperatures of the planet have made it so animals are... Continue Reading →

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