“Sleep No More” by Greg Iles Review

Sleep No More Author:  Greg Iles Released:  2002 I've read a lot of Greg Iles lately on the recommendation of a co-worker, and while not all of the books have been for me I've enjoyed how he's jumped around genres a couple of times. While most of his books have fit into the thriller genre,... Continue Reading →


“Dead Sleep” by Greg Iles Review

Dead Sleep Author:  Greg Iles Released:  2001 Dead Sleep by Greg Iles was quite similar to another Greg Iles book I've read, Blood Memory. Both books feature women who are tangentially related to an ongoing serial murder investigation. The women end up becoming very involved in the investigation, traveling with law enforcement, conducting interviews, and... Continue Reading →

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things Author:  Bryn Greenwood Released:  2016 Nothing controversial to see here, keep moving. I don't like to read what a book is about before starting it. Most fiction books I read are because somebody else recommends them, or I'm a fan of the author. With this one, I picked it... Continue Reading →

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