All the Ugly and Wonderful Things Author:  Bryn Greenwood Released:  2016 Nothing controversial to see here, keep moving. I don't like to read what a book is about before starting it. Most fiction books I read are because somebody else recommends them, or I'm a fan of the author. With this one, I picked it... Continue Reading →


“The Killer Angels” by Michael Shaara Review

The Killer Angels Author:  Michael Shaara Released:  1974 I'm a bad husband. My wife told me this was her favorite book when we met, and we've been together since 2005. I'm just now reading it in 2018. This was a very interesting book. I'm a fan of military historical fiction, although this was so historical... Continue Reading →

“Citizen Vince” by Jess Walter Review

Citizen Vince Author:  Jess Walter Released:  2006 Citizen Vince is about a criminal from New York living in Spokane, Washington in 1980 as part of the witness protection program. A typical day for Vince involves working at a donut shop, dating a prostitute, and running a credit card scam on the side. When another criminal comes... Continue Reading →

“True Evil” by Greg Iles Review

True Evil Author:  Greg Iles Released:  2006 Greg Iles is a favorite of another attorney I work with, so recently I’ve read four of his books based on his recommendations although they’re not in my normal reading wheelhouse. The first few I read were World War II related fiction, Black Cross and Spadau Phoenix, and the second two... Continue Reading →

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