“Invisible Monsters” by Chuck Palahniuk Review

Invisible Monsters Author: Chuck Palahniuk Release Date: September 1999 “Invisible Monsters” was the fifth book I read in a set of recommended books based on its similarity to an author I already liked. In this case, the author I enjoy is Bret Easton Ellis, and for the first time I’d also read some of the... Continue Reading →

“Gun, With Occasional Music” by Jonathan Lethem Review

Gun, With Occasional Music Author: Jonathan Lethem Release Date: March 1994 This book was recommended to me as a read alike for Haruki Murakami. Through the first 3/4 of the book I didn't see the similarities as this felt like a fast paced neo-noir more along the lines of Philip K Dick or even China... Continue Reading →

“Cosm” by Gregory Benford Review

Cosm Author: Gregory Benford Release Date: 1998 This is the second book I've tried based on its recommendation as a 'read alike' for an author I'm a big fan of. This time the author was Robert Heinlein, one of the most acclaimed authors in the science fiction genre. The experience was totally different than my... Continue Reading →

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