“Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck Review

Of Mice and Men Author:  John Steinbeck Published:  1937 If you want to get a quick sampling of my pick for the greatest writer ever, this isn't a bad one to start. You get several of Steinbeck's favorite motifs, the California location, the depression era work conditions, the tragic ending. Along with The Pearl and The Red Pony,... Continue Reading →

“Space Brat 2: Blork’s Evil Twin” by Bruce Coville Review

Space Brat 2:  Blork's Evil Twin Author:  Bruce Coville Illustrator:  Katharine Coville Published:  1993 Another victory for the books from my youth! Both boys really enjoyed this one. Here, Blork (the reformed, former temper tantrum extraordinaire) takes a field trip to the science museum and accidentally makes a negative copy of himself. What's a negative... Continue Reading →

“Independence” by Dana Fuller Ross Review

Independence Book 1 of Wagons West Author:  Dana Fuller Ross Published:  1979 I suspect if you read this hoping for grit and sex and completely original characters you'll think it's a drag. If you read it instead looking for a western filled with archetypes traveling across the continent, you're going to love this. As book... Continue Reading →

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