“Sharpe’s Devil” by Bernard Cornwell Review

Sharpe's Devil Author:  Bernard Cornwell Released:  1990 After 21 books and three short stories, I have finished the Richard Sharpe series. The conclusion to this lengthy run of books brings back Sharpe and Harper five years after the previous story and six or seven years after Waterloo. The two men have settled into retirement life,... Continue Reading →


“Marvel 2-In-One: Volume 1:Fate of the Four” by Chip Zdarsky Review

Marvel 2-In-One: Volume 1:Fate of the Four Writer:  Chip Zdarsky Artists:  Jim Cheung and Valerio Schiti Released:  2018 While I've loved watching the Marvel movies coming out like clockwork for the last decade, a major exception has been the Fantastic Four films. Produced by Fox, not Marvel Studios, the first set of films was campy but... Continue Reading →

“Citizen Vince” by Jess Walter Review

Citizen Vince Author:  Jess Walter Released:  2006 Citizen Vince is about a criminal from New York living in Spokane, Washington in 1980 as part of the witness protection program. A typical day for Vince involves working at a donut shop, dating a prostitute, and running a credit card scam on the side. When another criminal comes... Continue Reading →

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