“The Colorado Kid” by Stephen King Review

The Colorado Kid Author:  Stephen King Published:  2005 This is a book I really struggle to rate. It's a short and compelling mystery. My version of it (a rerelease from a few years back) includes a foreword where the publisher says there's no resolution to the mystery. It's a story told by two people to... Continue Reading →

“Stan Lee’s Riftworld: Crossover” by Bill McCay Review

Stan Lee's Riftworld:  Crossover Author:  Bill McCay Published:  1993 I loved this book as a kid, so there's definitely some nostalgia tinting my review. First, let's start with that title. Stan Lee's Riftworld: Crossover. If there were ever a name that should be a comic book and not a prose novel, this is it. The only... Continue Reading →

The Golden Compass Author:  Philip Pullman Published:  1995 I'm reading these in chronological order of events, so this was the second book I read after La Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust. Some of the revelations about Lyra weren't as big of surprises by doing that, but overall this was a much more entertaining book with... Continue Reading →

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