“Movies (And Other Things)” By Shea Serrano Review

Movies and Other Things Author:  Shea Serrano Published:  2019 Movies (And Other Things) is the third book I’ve read by Shea Serrano. I discovered Serrano on my favorite all time website, Grantland (rest in peace) and along with several other columnists from that website have made it a point to follow his writing. (Serrano is... Continue Reading →

“The President and the Assassin” by Scott Miller review

The President and the Assassin: McKinley, Terror, and Empire at the Dawn of the American Century Author:  Scott Miller Published:  2011 Though not technically a biography, The President and the Assassin tells the dual stories of President William McKinley and his killer Leon Czolgosz.  While McKinley’s life was full of the ascent one would expect from a... Continue Reading →

“Shattered Lands” by Alice Henderson Review

Shattered Lands Skyfire Saga #2 Author:  Alice Henderson Published:  2018 Book two of the Skyfire Saga by Alice Henderson builds on the interesting premise of Shattered Roads but also left me with a few more questions than the author may have intended. I really enjoyed the opening installment of this series as Henderson threw the reader into... Continue Reading →

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