“Sea Breeze Lane” by Trevor Charles and Saloman Farias Review

Sea Breeze Lane Writer:  Trevor Charles Artist:  Saloman Farias Colors:  David Aravena Designer:  Frank Luera We picked this one up awhile back after liking what we saw of it on Kickstarter.com despite not knowing much about it. It's been four years since the book was published, so I have to admit it sat on our... Continue Reading →


“The Johnstown Flood” by David McCullough Review

The Johnstown Flood Author:  David McCullough Published:  1968 I didn't entirely plan it like this, but I ended up reading this book in very close proximity to Isaac's Storm, another book about a flood in late 19th century America. It's hard not to compare the two books, and unfortunately this one didn't quick capture my interest... Continue Reading →

“Desperation” by Stephen King Review

Desperation Author:  Stephen King Published:  1996 Perhaps it's because I came into this with such low expectations, but this was better than I thought it would be. I didn't care for the companion novel The Regulators at all, and my only two friends who read this book on Goodreads, both gave it one star. Despite all that,... Continue Reading →

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