“The Xander Years: Vol 2” by Jeffrey J. Mariotte Review

The Xander Years: Vol. 2 Author:  Jeffrey J. Mariotte Released:  2000 This novelization continues the focus on Xander centered episodes. I think a really solid collection of stories could have been made in taking the best episodes from each book ("Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered," and "The Zeppo" being the two standouts, with the next best... Continue Reading →


“Comic Wars: Marvel’s Battle For Survival” by Dan Raviv Review

Comic Wars:  Marvel's Battle for Survival Author:  Dan Raviv Released:  2004 I'm generally a pretty big fan of comics behind the scene stuff. I love reading about the Image Comics exodux of the 1990's, Jim Shooter's behind the scenes comic company creations, and the Marvel Bullpen of Stan Lee. I picked up Comic Wars because the idea... Continue Reading →

“Third Degree,” by Greg Iles Review

Third Degree Author:  Greg Iles Released:  1996 I discussed my thoughts on Greg Iles and why I've read so many of his books lately in my review for True Evil. Much like the last few books I've read by him, Third Degree features a woman in trouble protagonist and a character who takes over for incompetent law enforcement... Continue Reading →

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