“Dark City” by F. Paul Wilson Review

Dark City Author:  F. Paul Wilson Released: 2013 I enjoyed this book a lot. It featured one of Jack's better fixes throughout the series. It completes the story of how Jack's favorite bar became Julio's. So why only two stars? This felt like the middle third of a longer book. This would be a world's... Continue Reading →


“The Regulators” by Stephen King (as Richard Bachman) Review

The Regulators Author:  Stephen King (writing as Richard Bachman) Released:  1996 While I haven't yet read the companion book Desperation, nothing in The Regulators makes me excited to read more about this story. **Spoilers throughout this review** The Regulators is a story about a street full of people who are terrorized and murdered when a... Continue Reading →

Insomnia by Stephen King Review

Insomnia Author:  Stephen King Released:  1994 This early 90’s period of Stephen King books is not what I would point to as a high point of his writing career. Reading through his works chronologically, there have been several books that have dragged on and been tedious reads lately. Following up on stinkers Dolores Claiborne, Rose Madder, and Gerald’s... Continue Reading →

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