“The Life and Times of William Howard Taft Vol. 1” by Henry F. Pringle Review

The Life and Times of William Howard Taft Vol. 1 Author:  Henry F. Pringle Published:  1939 I'll do a more in depth review after I read Vol. 2 later this year. This was a pretty good start on William Howard Taft though. For about the first 300 pages, I was flying through with no issues.... Continue Reading →

“T.R. The Last Romantic” by H.W. Brands Review

T.R.:  The Last Romantic Author:  H.W. Brands Published:  1997 You can blame Grover Cleveland for me reviewing The Last Romantic by H.W. Brands. Originally I was going to read the trilogy of biographies by Edmond Morris on Mr. Roosevelt, but even after getting recharged by William McKinley, the Cleveland biography hangover was too much to gear myself... Continue Reading →

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