“Strange Music,” by Alan Dean Foster Review

Strange Music Author:  Alan Dean Foster Released: 2017 I’ve been working my way through the Pip & Flinx books since 2016. When I started the series, the final book was Flinx Transcendant, which had been released in 2009. In 2017, Foster released Strange Music as yet another book in the series. While many fans had to wait 8... Continue Reading →

“Flinx Transcendent” by Alen Dean Foster Review

  Flinx Transcendent (Pip & Flinx #14) Author:  Alan Dean Foster Released:  2009 The original ending the Pip & Flinx series, Flinx Transcendant does a very solid job of wrapping up the long running quest of Flinx to combat the giant devouring force headed towards our galaxy that will devour all life as we know... Continue Reading →

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