“Flinx Transcendent” by Alen Dean Foster Review

  Flinx Transcendent (Pip & Flinx #14) Author:  Alan Dean Foster Released:  2009 The original ending the Pip & Flinx series, Flinx Transcendant does a very solid job of wrapping up the long running quest of Flinx to combat the giant devouring force headed towards our galaxy that will devour all life as we know... Continue Reading →


“Patrimony” by Alan Dean Foster Review

Patrimony Pip & Flinx #13 Author:  Alan Dean Foster First Published:  2007 Patrimony is the 13th book in the Pip & Flinx series and I'm guessing the original penultimate novel based on the gap in time between 14 and 15 and the title of the next book. Here our two travelers visit the alien world of... Continue Reading →

“Bloodhype” by Alan Dean Foster Review

Bloodhype Author:  Alan Dean Foster Released:  1973 Bloodhype is an outlier int he Pip & Flinx series. Although it takes place eleventh chronologically, it was written second. I get the feeling that Foster didn't plan on doing a long series of books based on the two characters as this book jumps several years from For Love of... Continue Reading →

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