“Funny Girl” by Nick Hornby Review

  Funny Girl Author:  Nick Hornby Released:  2014 I never read the backs of books prior to reading them, but based on the title Funny Girl by Nick Hornby was not really what I was expecting. Beginning the book, as it followed a young woman in the 1960's named Barbara who wants to follow in... Continue Reading →

“Songbook” by Nick Hornby Review

Songbook Author:  Nick Hornby Released:  2003 My favorite book I read last year was Ten Years in The Tub, Nick Hornby’s collection of columns from The Believer detailing his book reading and purchasing each month. Being a huge music fan as well, I was eager to read Songbook(originally published as 31 Songs, then rereleased with a few bonus... Continue Reading →

“Fever Pitch” by Nick Hornby Review

Fever Pitch Author:  Nick Hornby Published:  1992 I really expected I would love this book, though its fatal flaw was apparent from page one. Nick Hornby is one of my favorite authors, and even his bad books (How To Be Good) kept me entertained while reading. Here is an autobiographical account of his love for... Continue Reading →

“About a Boy” by Nick Hornby Review

About a Boy Author: Nick Hornby Release Date:  1998 Will is approaching middle age and lives life to its most relaxing. Blessed with a life of leisure cashing in his father's royalties from a popular Christmas song, he learns that single moms are an interesting group he could possibly date and comes up with an... Continue Reading →

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