“Twilight of the Gods” by Steven Hyden Review

Twilight of the Gods Author:  Steven Hyden Published:  2018 This book begins by Steven Hyden recapping his experience of seeing The Who in concert during the Quadrophenia tour where they played the entire album. I went to the same concert tour back in 2012 and can safely say I'm the target audience for this book.... Continue Reading →

“Movies (And Other Things)” By Shea Serrano Review

Movies and Other Things Author:  Shea Serrano Published:  2019 Movies (And Other Things) is the third book I’ve read by Shea Serrano. I discovered Serrano on my favorite all time website, Grantland (rest in peace) and along with several other columnists from that website have made it a point to follow his writing. (Serrano is... Continue Reading →

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