“Dead Sleep” by Greg Iles Review

Dead Sleep Author:  Greg Iles Released:  2001 Dead Sleep by Greg Iles was quite similar to another Greg Iles book I've read, Blood Memory. Both books feature women who are tangentially related to an ongoing serial murder investigation. The women end up becoming very involved in the investigation, traveling with law enforcement, conducting interviews, and... Continue Reading →


“Cup of Gold” by John Steinbeck Review

Cup of Gold Author:  John Steinbeck Released:  1929 There’s a lot of authors I really enjoy, but when pressed for who is the best author I’ve read I default to John Steinbeck.  I’ve read about a dozen of his books, and am sure I’ll get to the rest of them at some point and there’s... Continue Reading →

“The Loch” by Steve Alten Review

The Loch Author:  Steve Alten Released:  2005 For the most part I quite enjoyed Steve Alten's other book about a giant underwater man eating creature, aka The Loch. Instead of giant prehistoric sharks, this time around we're in the famous Loch Ness of Scotland, searching for a creature that for centuries has been spotted but has... Continue Reading →

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