“The Bone Tree” by Greg Iles Review

The Bone Tree Author:  Greg Iles Natchez Burning Trilogy #2, Penn Cage #5 Published:  2015 Picking up moments after Natchez Burning ends, The Bone Tree is the 5th of six books in the Penn Cage series but at this point it feels like the penultimate chapter in Greg Iles shared universe. In addition to Penn Cage and his family... Continue Reading →

“The World Accoring to Garp” by John Irving Review

The World According to Garp Author: John Irving Published:  1978 There are several books within a book in the The World According to Garp. The main character, T. S. Garp is an author, and occasionally John Irving will spend a chapter with the reader of this book reading a chapter from one of Garp's books. One... Continue Reading →

“Natchez Burning” by Greg Iles Review

Natchez Burning Author:  Greg Iles Published:  2014 The fourth book in the Penn Cage series is at times very thrilling and at others very frustrating. Pillar of the community and Penn's moral center/father, Tom Cage is hiding a secret that will tear his family and possibly the community apart. Beginning in the 1960's as readers... Continue Reading →

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