All the Ugly and Wonderful Things Author:  Bryn Greenwood Released:  2016 Nothing controversial to see here, keep moving. I don't like to read what a book is about before starting it. Most fiction books I read are because somebody else recommends them, or I'm a fan of the author. With this one, I picked it... Continue Reading →


“The Mammoth Hunters” by Jean Auel Review

The Mammoth Hunters  (Earth's Children: Book 3) Author:  Jean Auel Published:  1985 Book three of the Earth's Children series took everything I liked about the first book and also what I didn't like about the 2nd book and put it all together. On the positive side, Ayla is once again forced to acclimate herself with... Continue Reading →

“Third Degree,” by Greg Iles Review

Third Degree Author:  Greg Iles Released:  1996 I discussed my thoughts on Greg Iles and why I've read so many of his books lately in my review for True Evil. Much like the last few books I've read by him, Third Degree features a woman in trouble protagonist and a character who takes over for incompetent law enforcement... Continue Reading →

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