“Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck Review

Of Mice and Men Author:  John Steinbeck Published:  1937 If you want to get a quick sampling of my pick for the greatest writer ever, this isn't a bad one to start. You get several of Steinbeck's favorite motifs, the California location, the depression era work conditions, the tragic ending. Along with The Pearl and The Red Pony,... Continue Reading →

The Golden Compass Author:  Philip Pullman Published:  1995 I'm reading these in chronological order of events, so this was the second book I read after La Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust. Some of the revelations about Lyra weren't as big of surprises by doing that, but overall this was a much more entertaining book with... Continue Reading →

“The Messengers” by Lindsay Joelle Review

The Messengers Author:  Lindsay Joelle Director: Kimberly Senior Released:  2020 Performed by: Ana Reeder, Kaliswa Brewster, Zoe Winters, Alex Weisman The messengers is an audible original story that is told via four characters in a play format. Two of the characters are women in a space ship delivering a package who have some interesting DNA.... Continue Reading →

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