“Children of the Fleet” by Orson Scott Card Review

Children of the Fleet Author:  Orson Scott Card Fleet School #1  Enderverse Chronological:  Takes place concurrently with Shadow of the Hegemon Published:  2017 The Enderverse continues to do best when starting a new branch of books. Much like Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow, and Earth Unaware, Card tells a straight forward story with genius characters overcoming difficult situations for the... Continue Reading →

“The Swarm” by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston Review

The Swarm Authors:  Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston Released:  2016 The Swarm is listed on Goodreads as the first book of the Second Formic War saga but I wouldn't recommend reading this book unless you've previously read the Earth Unaware, Earth Afire, and Earth Awakens books set in the Enderverse. The protagonists in this book are across the board... Continue Reading →

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