“The Lone Ranger/Green Hornet: Champions of Justice” Review

The Lone Ranger/Green Hornet:  Champions of Justice Writer:  Michael Uslan Artist:  Giovanni Timpano Publisher:  Dynamite Comics Released:  2017 Every time I crack open one of these Lone Ranger trades from Dynamite comics, I expect that it will finally begin to feel played out, but that's yet to happen. I came in with particularly low expectations... Continue Reading →


“Comic Wars: Marvel’s Battle For Survival” by Dan Raviv Review

Comic Wars:  Marvel's Battle for Survival Author:  Dan Raviv Released:  2004 I'm generally a pretty big fan of comics behind the scene stuff. I love reading about the Image Comics exodux of the 1990's, Jim Shooter's behind the scenes comic company creations, and the Marvel Bullpen of Stan Lee. I picked up Comic Wars because the idea... Continue Reading →

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