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“Once Upon a Time: A Treasury of Fairy Tales” by Various Authors Previews


Once Upon a Time: A Treasury of Fairy Tales

Author: Publications International Ltd.

Release Date: September 2008

The best part about this book is that it had a ton of stories, many I had never heard before (though not all were great, particularly the stupid Princess and the Pea). The worst part was that even fit little kids the stories were very watered down. Bad guys weren’t threatening, kisses were always on the cheek, and then general tone made them feel a bit monotonous when read back to back.



“Pooh’s Heffalump Movie” by Laura Driscoll Review

poohPooh’s Heffalump Movie

Author: Laura Driscoll

Release Date: January 2005

A pretty formulaic story about making new friends and preconceived notions. The art was great though and the characters were consistent with how they should act. Cliff seemed to enjoy it.


“Some of My Best Friends Are Monsters (Camp Haunted Hills #2)” by Bruce Coville Review


Some of My Best Friends Are Monsters (Camp Haunted Hills #2)

Author: Bruce Coville

Release Date: 1988

Another fun installment in this series with all of the same characters coming back, plus appearances by the Mummy and Mr. Hyde. Still, I docked it two stars because the ending is very rushed, and it had a couple curse words that seemed unnecessary when I was reading to Cliff (hell and dammit).


“Missile Mouse: The Star Crusher #1” by Jake Parker Review


Missile Mouse: The Star Crusher #1

Author: Jake Parker

Release Date: December 2009

A fun comic about a special agent in a science fiction mission. The art was bright and colorful, with the violence cartoony enough to make it all ages. The story was very predictable though, with lots of tropes of the genre throughout. More written for the kid than the parents reading it to him.


“The Saber Toothed Poodnoobie (Space Brat 5)” by Bruce Coville Review


The Saber Toothed Poodnoobie (Space Brat 5)

Author: Bruce Coville

Release Date: 1997

This was a fun end to a fun series. Overall I’d probably rank the books:

4 – My favorite
3 – Least favorite

The consistent art and growing cast of characters added to the pleasure of reading the books close together. My wife said she wishes Bruce Coville read more of these, so I think she enjoyed them too. Cliff didn’t fight us when we read them, but it’ll be fun to reread them when he’s older.