“Bad Bargain” by Diana G. Gallagher Review

Bad Bargain Author:  Diana G. Gallagher Published:  2006 There'a fundraiser at Sunnydale High School for the Marching Band. Tons of items get donated, but before the sale begins most of the volunteers start experience weird things. Some girls teeth start to fall out, another finds an adorable little monster, another's skin starts to shed, yet... Continue Reading →

“The Cordelia Collection” by Nancy E. Krulik Review

The Cordelia Collection: Vol. 1 Author:  Nancy E. Krulik Published:  2002 Per Goodreads, the final of the character focused Buffy the Vampire Slayer novelizations is The Cordelia Collection (listed as #12 of 13, the last being the novelization of season seven of the show). I’m guessing this is the last based on when it was published, because... Continue Reading →

“The Faith Trials” by James Laurence Review

The Faith Trials Author:  James Laurence Published:  2001 This was the second best of the character focused novelizations so far, just railing behind The Angel Chronicles: Vol 3. For people who have watched the show these particular novelizations don't add a ton of value in reading them. However, much like the aforementioned Angel Vol. 3, The Faith... Continue Reading →

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