“Grover Cleveland: A Study in Courage” by Allan Nevins Review

Grover Cleveland: A Study In Courage Author:  Allan Nevins Released:  1932 Coming into this book, the only detail I remembered about Grover Cleveland was that he is the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms in office.  The introduction drew some strong comparisons between George Washington and Grove Cleveland, and with as much as I... Continue Reading →


“Form of a Question” by Andrew J. Rostan and Kate Kasenow Review

Form of a Question Writer:  Andrew J. Rostan Pencils:  Kate Kasenow Inks:  Jenna Ayoub and Ilaria Catalani Colors:  Laura Langston Letters:  Deron Bennett Form of a Question is a memoir written by Andrew J. Rostan that begins when he was a little boy and continues through after college when he went on the tv show Jeopardy.... Continue Reading →

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