2019 Best of Books Read

I continued a lot of my personal reading challenges this year (biographies on every president, all the Hugo and Nebula Award winners, reading all the Buffy novelizations, and going through Stephen King's bibliography) and even finished some bigger series like the Earth's Children, Harry Potter, Repairman Jack and others). My top books of the year... Continue Reading →

The Best (and Worst) Books I read in 2018

This year I just barely made my reading goal (but finished the 700 page slog Insomnia on January 1, 2019) but also didn't need to rush or do any change of habits to get it finished. Over the course of the year I finished 75 books, giving 13 of them five stars. I continued reading the Hugo... Continue Reading →

My Five Favorite Books I Read During 2017

I read 80 books this year, with those split up into reading challenge books, audiobooks, extended series and stuff that just looked fun. I'm continuing to make my way through all of Stephen King's books, as well as the Richard Sharpe, Pip & Flinx, and Repairman Jack series. I'm also still reading biographies on every... Continue Reading →

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