“Shattered Skies” by Alice Henderson Review

Shattered Skies The Skyfire Saga #3 Author:  Alice Henderson Published:  2019 Disclaimer: This was a complimentary copy from the publisher After reading the first two installments of Alice Henderson's Skyfire Saga, the final book in the series delivered on everything I'd hope it would in not entirely predictable ways. Picking up shortly after the events of Shattered... Continue Reading →

“Shattered Lands” by Alice Henderson Review

Shattered Lands Skyfire Saga #2 Author:  Alice Henderson Published:  2018 Book two of the Skyfire Saga by Alice Henderson builds on the interesting premise of Shattered Roads but also left me with a few more questions than the author may have intended. I really enjoyed the opening installment of this series as Henderson threw the reader into... Continue Reading →

“Shattered Roads” by Alice Henderson Review

Shattered Roads The Skyfire Saga:  Book 1 Author:  Alice Henderson Published:  2018 If you take The Matrix, Mad Max and Armageddon and take some of the more exciting elements from each, you've got a good start into Alice Henderson's Shattered Roads. The book follows the protagonist (and hard to remember name) H124, a citizen of one of the megacities of the... Continue Reading →

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