“Nightworld” by F. Paul Wilson Review

Nightworld Author:  F. Paul Wilson Published:  1992, Revised in 2012 **Note - This is a review for the 2012 revised version of Nightworld, not the original** If you're a Repairman Jack fan and have just finished The Dark at the End, before picking up Nightworld I would recommend reading the other books of the Adversary Cycle first. It's... Continue Reading →

“Gerald’s Game” by Stephen King Review

Gerald's Game Author:  Stephen King Released:  1992 I'm going through these Stephen King books pretty close to in order of publication, so reading Gerald's Game felt a lot like Misery: Part Deux. Unfortunately that's not a compliment as that book was a particularly unpleasant reading experience. With both books, our protagonist is stuck in a bed and unable... Continue Reading →

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