“Marvel 2-In-1, Vol 2: Next of Kin” by Chip Zdarsky Review

Marvel 2-In-1, Vol. 2: Next of Kin Writer:  Chip Zdarsky Artists:  Declan Shalvey, Ramon K. Perez Sometime during the course of Marvel Two-In-One by Chip Zdarsky, the original premise had to change as Marvel relaunched the Fantastic Four title, bringing back Reed, Sue and the Future Foundation kids. The original story of the Thing and... Continue Reading →


“Fear City” by F. Paul Wilson Review

Fear City Author:  F. Paul Wilson Released:  2014 For this second prequel trilogy (mid-quel?), I could never shake the impression that this would have been a decent stand alone novel that got divided up and stretched into three books none of which was satisfactory on their own. For Fear City, we're continuing to spend time with... Continue Reading →

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