“Vostok” by Steve Alten Review

Vostok Author:  Steve Alten Released:  2014 I can't really review this book without spoiling the twist half way through the book, because the twist jades my entire overview of the book. Spoilers follow throughout the review. Vostok is a sequel to The Loch which is Steve Alten's novel about the discovery and conflict with the... Continue Reading →


“The Pastures of Heaven” by John Steinbeck Review

I love you John Steinbeck. Seriously, this guy was a national treasure. I never read the back of a book before starting it, so I got to the third chapter of this book before I realized it was a short story collection. Normally I'm not a big fan of short stories, but this was great.... Continue Reading →

“Sabrina” by Nick Drnaso Review

Sabrina Writer/Artist - Nick Drnaso Released:  2018 I picked this one up after hearing it was longlisted for the Booker Prize. It's a difficult book to describe in terms of plot. It deals more with themes likes misinformation, paranoia, and depression. Despite it being the sort of serious subject matter that typically gets a book... Continue Reading →

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