“The Bone Tree” by Greg Iles Review

The Bone Tree Author:  Greg Iles Natchez Burning Trilogy #2, Penn Cage #5 Published:  2015 Picking up moments after Natchez Burning ends, The Bone Tree is the 5th of six books in the Penn Cage series but at this point it feels like the penultimate chapter in Greg Iles shared universe. In addition to Penn Cage and his family... Continue Reading →

“Movies (And Other Things)” By Shea Serrano Review

Movies and Other Things Author:  Shea Serrano Published:  2019 Movies (And Other Things) is the third book I’ve read by Shea Serrano. I discovered Serrano on my favorite all time website, Grantland (rest in peace) and along with several other columnists from that website have made it a point to follow his writing. (Serrano is... Continue Reading →

2019 Best of Books Read

I continued a lot of my personal reading challenges this year (biographies on every president, all the Hugo and Nebula Award winners, reading all the Buffy novelizations, and going through Stephen King's bibliography) and even finished some bigger series like the Earth's Children, Harry Potter, Repairman Jack and others). My top books of the year... Continue Reading →

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