About Me:

I am an attorney by trade but have always enjoyed a good book.  I am always reading at least three books at a time (sometimes more) as well as a current pull list of comic books.  Usually when I choose a book I alternate between something I just want to read and one of my many challenges or reading goals.  I think the most important thing with reading is to read what you enjoy, and for that reason you’ll see plenty of stuff reviewed on here that is old, niche, or pretty obscure.  Also, because I tend to read a lot by my favorite authors or in series that I’m already enjoying, my ratings (as of writing this) are skewing a bit higher than a standard bell curve.

About the Ratings System:  

I love a good monster movie, and there’s no greater monster than the underwater eating machine, the shark.  I’m also a believer that the greatest movie of all time is Jaws, and in honor of that film is my barrels rating system.  The more barrels, the bigger the shark (or the better the book for that matter).


5 Barrels

Rarely given, five barrels signifies this book set out everything I’d hoped it would do or amazed me on its own.  The best book in a long series I’ve enjoyed or a hidden gem, it takes a Great White to pull five barrels down.  (Or a Megalodon, if you’re a Steve Alten fan.)


4 Barrels

Four is my default rating for a book that was pretty good; it’s the shark that’ll swallow you whole in one sitting.  A four star book is one that I will likely check out the sequels to, but it’s also got something that either bugged me or didn’t work.


3 Barrels

An average book, it had some parts I enjoyed but it also dragged a bit or didn’t make sense.  You’re going to need a bigger boat or a bigger shark to get real excited about it.


2 Barrels

While not a total wreck, this was no boating accident.  More it didn’t work than worked, or there was one flaw so egregious it ruined the rest of the story for me.  Two barrel books get me thinking about jumping off of a series.


1 Barrel

Is this even a shark at this point?  Could it be a barracuda?  One barrel books are lacking anything that made me enjoy reading it.  If it winds up on this website, I finished the book, but if it was one star that was a no easy feat.

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