“Runaways, Vol. 2: Best Friends Forever” by Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka Review

runaways 2

Runaways, Vol. 2: Best Friends Forever

Writer:  Rainbow Rowell

Artist:  Kris Anka

Inker:  Kris Anka and Craig Yeung

Colors:  Matthew Wilson & Triona Farrell

Letters:  Joe Caramagna

Runaways, Vol. 2: Best Friends Forever continues several of the plot threads from volume one, but the overarching story continues to be these young people settling in as a family with an “us against the world” mentality. Karolina’s celebrity girlfriend comes for a visit, Molly makes a best friend with a sinister secret, Victor debates whether he wants to remain a severed head or take on a new body, Gert gets a makeover. Typical kid problems, all easy to relate to (har har).

What worked best in this volume were the Victor and Molly storylines. Molly has a dilemma when it comes to the opportunity to stay young forever or continue growing up like her friends. Rowell does a nice job of making the choice a difficult one based on the comments of Molly’s teammates. Victor’s storyline is hard to follow at times (it’s based on events that happened in a book called Avengers: A.I. that I never read) but the appearance of a Doombot always makes things better and here is no exception.

Although all of the art is handled by Phil Anka, there’s an issue inked by Kris Yeung and it was a bit jarring stylistically compared to the rest of the book. While I loved how Anka had different outfits for all the characters throughout the series, I had a very difficult time figuring out when his layouts were supposed to form a 2 page spread versus single page reading experience. The printing had something to do with this as horizontal lines that went from the left page to the right didn’t line up evenly, but too often Anka has the panels breaking right around the center of the page and no clear image going across both sides to indicate how that should be read. It was a frequent enough problem that it became an annoyance I was searching for by the end of this volume and took me out of just enjoying the story and art.

3 star

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