“Alien III: An Audible Original Dramatization” Review

alien 3

Alien III: An Audible Original Dramatization

Author:  William Gibson

Performer By Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen and others

Released:  2019

As a book or story, there is closer to a three star experience, but as an audible production with Lance Henriksen and Michael Biehn reprising the roles of Bishop and Hicks from the film Aliens I had a hard time not giving this five stars. Although I’m a fan of the move Alien 3, I’m also disappointed that the surviving characters from the prior installment (excepting Ellen Ripley) all die off screen prior to the movie beginning. Apparently, that wasn’t the original plan for the movie, and Hugo Award winner William Gibson’s script was that plan.

Audible has taken the script and remade it into an audio production, complete with the aforementioned recognizable voices, a large cast of supporting characters, and numerous sound effects straight out of the movies. The result was a really quick moving and exciting reading experience. The dialogue driven scenes were excellent across the board, and a few of the action scenes were even great to listen to as well thanks to moments like Biehn’s Hicks explaining what he’s seeing over a com-link to the other survivors.

Still, as huge of an Aliens fan as I am, and as well done as it was, I can’t give it five stars because there were also a few actions scenes that were tough to follow without a visual component. The struggle with this made the alien feel absent for much of the production. Also absent, Ellen Ripley, who gets one line of dialogue that’s not in flashback. (I didn’t mind this as much, because though I love the character we already got her next adventures in film, I was much more interested in seeing the plans for Bishop, Hicks and Newt.) Overall, this was very much worth checking out for fans of the series.


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