“Form of a Question” by Andrew J. Rostan and Kate Kasenow Review

Form of a Question

Form of a Question

Writer:  Andrew J. Rostan

Pencils:  Kate Kasenow

Inks:  Jenna Ayoub and Ilaria Catalani

Colors:  Laura Langston

Letters:  Deron Bennett

Form of a Question is a memoir written by Andrew J. Rostan that begins when he was a little boy and continues through after college when he went on the tv show Jeopardy. The story is told mainly in a linear manner, with the exception of the Jeopardy scenes which are interspersed throughout. Andrew grows up wanting to be on Jeopardy with a focus much more on learning as much trivia as possible than developing social interactions.

The main drama of the book is centered on whether Andrew will find love, mainly through the figures of Martha (a woman he seems to have a lot in common with) or Rebecca (a more spontaneous and artsy lady). The game show Jeopardy figures prominently throughout the book, from the title of the story to the frequent interludes in between told Slumdog Millionaire style. Despite that, there’s really not any suspense about what happens on Jeopardy as from the very beginning we know he’ll lose at some point on the show and as I neared the final page the timing of it is easy to predict as well.

There’s not a whole lot of suspense in the personal life section as well, but the pacing was excellent. The death of a loved one hit all the right notes for me to feel authentic, and Kate Kasenow’s art reminded me a bit of Craig Thompson’s in both its clarity and emotion. The colors by Laura Langston were also effective, giving different palettes to the two love interests and making it clear before the character is even on the page who the main character was with or pursuing.

3 star

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