“Dead Sleep” by Greg Iles Review

Dead Sleep Author:  Greg Iles Released:  2001 Dead Sleep by Greg Iles was quite similar to another Greg Iles book I've read, Blood Memory. Both books feature women who are tangentially related to an ongoing serial murder investigation. The women end up becoming very involved in the investigation, traveling with law enforcement, conducting interviews, and... Continue Reading →

The Best (and Worst) Books I read in 2018

This year I just barely made my reading goal (but finished the 700 page slog Insomnia on January 1, 2019) but also didn't need to rush or do any change of habits to get it finished. Over the course of the year I finished 75 books, giving 13 of them five stars. I continued reading the Hugo... Continue Reading →

Insomnia by Stephen King Review

Insomnia Author:  Stephen King Released:  1994 This early 90’s period of Stephen King books is not what I would point to as a high point of his writing career. Reading through his works chronologically, there have been several books that have dragged on and been tedious reads lately. Following up on stinkers Dolores Claiborne, Rose Madder, and Gerald’s... Continue Reading →

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