“Thanos: The Infinity Siblings” by Jim Starlin and Alan Davis Review

thanos infinity siblings

Thanos:  The Infinity Siblings

Writer:  Jim Starlin

Artist:  Alan Davis

Released:  2018

The last time Jim Starlin and Alan Davis were telling Thanos stories, it was for Thanos: The Infinity Finale. Much like Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Friday, the finale was just a pause in the action as in addition to Thanos: The Infinity Siblingsthere’s even another Thanos graphic novel that I haven’t gotten around to reading out there called Thanos: The Infinity Conflict.

This installment of Thanos’s story picks up with Thanos in a relationship with Death, but still a feeling of being incomplete affecting him. The main players that bring him out of action are his brother Eros/Starfox (hence the title of the story) and Kang the Conqueror. On an alien world, the sudden evolutionary jump of a single alien named Ghost will spring a series of events that will greatly affect both Kang and Thanos in the far future. Kang returns to multiple different times in Thanos’s life to change history, and Eros spends 2,000 years of his life setting up a trap for one man or the other.

The best think I can say about this book is Thanos’s characterization feels accurate and Alan Davis’s art is gorgeous. (Alan Davis’s art is always great, one of the all time greats in the medium.) Those two factors alone bring it up to three stars. The story was confusing at times with all of the time jumping, and Ghost’s storyline felt so rushed that he wasn’t much more than a macguffin instead of a character. Overall, not a high point for the Thanos graphic novel series, but not a bad read either.

3 star

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