“The Everything Dog Training and Tricks Book” by Gerilyn Bielakiewicz

The Everything Dog Training And Tricks Book Author: Gerilyn Bielakiewicz Released:  2002 After our two rescue dogs both passed away earlier this year of old age, my wife and I have recently decided to get another dog. Now that we have two very small children, we decided a puppy would be a good way to... Continue Reading →

“Rutherford B. Hayes: Warrior and President” by Ari Hoogenboom

Rutherford B. Hayes: Warrior and President Author:  Ari Hoogenboom Released:  1995 There was, Sherman detailed “a very decided opposition to the Administration in both Houses of Congress, among the Republican members.” Specifically, they objected to Evarts, Shurz, and Key in the cabinet, to making the civil service nonpartisan, to the pacification of the South, and... Continue Reading →

“Citizen Vince” by Jess Walter Review

Citizen Vince Author:  Jess Walter Released:  2006 Citizen Vince is about a criminal from New York living in Spokane, Washington in 1980 as part of the witness protection program. A typical day for Vince involves working at a donut shop, dating a prostitute, and running a credit card scam on the side. When another criminal comes... Continue Reading →

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