The Runaways, Vol. 1: Find Your Way Home by Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka Review

Runaways 1.jpg

Runaways, Vol 1: Find Your Way Home

Writer:  Rainbow Rowell

Art:  Kris Anka

The Runaways, Vol. 1: Find Your Way Home is the start of a new series but this is definitely the sort of book I would only recommend for long time fans. The story picks up when Chase uses time travel to attempt to rescue Gert from her death. After drafting Nico into his plan, the story picks up with Gert returning from the dead and wondering why the Runaways are no longer together like a family. The story references events from Vision’s ongoing series and Avenges Arena, and while you can definitely follow along without having read those books the more you have read the more you are likely to care about the emotional baggage of these characters.

Overally I enjoyed this book as the characters voices felt similar to how I remembered them, and the art by Kris Anka was bright, fun and with enough variation in the characters that people looked different ages and body shapes. The bulk of this volume deals with Molly’s reintroduction to the team as she has been living with her grandmother and a bunch of cats. All of the Runaways parents were supervillains, so the rest of the team is immediately suspicious of the woman who raised Molly’s parents (there is some insinuation that Molly’s parents were either genetically engineered or perhaps related, but it is confirmed they were both raised by the grandma).

The story definitely gives the most spotlight to Gert and Molly, but Nico gets some nice development as well. So far Chase and particularly Karolina are not given much to do by comparison. Karolina’s story involves mostly a relationship that happened outside of this series and some emotions that she’s not ready to share. The bad guy in this book ends up being fun and also ends up adding another super powered _____ to join the team. As a start to a new series it’s OK, but as a continuation of a series I really enjoyed I’m looking forward to reading more of this run.


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